Zingiber Officinale Extract-Gingerol 5% Production and Quality Testing Standards

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Zingiber Officinale Extract

Zingiber Officinale Extract or Ginger Extract is extracted from rhizome of Zingiberaceae perennial herb ginger. Main ingredient: gingerol. Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol has benefits of promoting digestion, easing carsickness, stopping vomiting, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative. It is applied as the raw material formula of health care products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Main ingredient: gingerol 5 %, the yellow brown powder in fragrant smell and spicy taste. Detection method: HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

Our Zingiber Officinale Extract is produced through CO2 Supercritical extraction with unique fragrance and peppery taste of ginger as well as good solubility. Adopting high-quality ginger rhizome, drying and smashing at low temperature, extracting through supercritical CO2, separating, refining, and spraying powder, then Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol will be obtained. The product maximally maintains original element, taste, and fragrance of ginger.

Main ingredients of Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol include: Gingerols, Gingediols, Gingerone, and Gingerdones.

Physical Indicators of Zingiber Officinale Extract

Zingiber Officinale Extract Indicator


Usage, dosage, and function
1.The fragrance and taste of every gram of 5% Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol, fully soluble in water, is equivalent to that of 10 grams of pure dry ginger powder, and is equal to the usage of about 70 grams of fresh ginger (1:10:70). The pecific cotent specification can be formulated according to customer requirements.
2.Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol can be added according to product flavor. Reference dosage: cooked meat products 0.01 ~ 0.03%; Flavouring 0.02 ~ 0.05%; puffed food, convenience food and baked goods 0.005 ~ 0.01%; beer drinks 0.001 to 0.005%.
3.Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol can be miscible with water or ethanol for drinks and a variety of water-soluble additives.

1. Zingiber Officinale Extract or water soluble gingerol can be used as food additives for food fragrance and seasoning of drinks, tea bags, beer, soy sauce, vinegar, cooked meat products, convenience food, puffed food, and
2.Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol can be used in essence of cosmetics and daily necessities, such as toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo and shower gel etc.
3.Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol can be used in aromatherapy, SPA, personal bodybuilding, hair growing, and weight loss.
4.Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol can used in functional foods: antioxidant, anti-aging; treatment of migraine, rheumatism and arthritis; blood circulation, Yang strengthening; anti-thrombosis; anti-tumor, especially skin cancer;
5. Zingiber Officinale Extract or gingerol can be used in medicine: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory (paste); preventing carsickness, sea sickness and mobile nausea; traditional Chinese medicine
6. Zingiber Officinale Extract is mainly used for soft drinks and candy, medicine and health care products.
7. Zingiber Officinale Extract can be used for ginger tea products with strong ginger spicy and good solubility.
8. Zingiber Officinale Extract can be used for daily necessities: hand sanitizer, shampoo and shower gel and so on.

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