Venetron ® Opened a New Chapter for Anti-stress & Anti-depression

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According to a clinical data report, the famous anti-compressive natural herbal material Venetron (apocynum extract) show its great effect on improving sleep quality. As the material to improve sleep quality, Venetron is rapidly warming in the health food and health care product industry.

Apocynum grows in the Central Asia and European temperate area, is a wild perennial herbaceous plant. Its main producing area is Xinjiang Tarim Basin, Qinghai province and sichuan province in China. Leaves has been used for making tea since ancient times, is a kind of herbal medicine recorded in Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It is used for soothing the nerves, keeping calm, treating insomnia, neurasthenia and high blood pressure, etc.

Venetron® is extract from the dry leaves of apocynum. It contains more than 4% hyperoside and isoquercitrin, these two ingredients are some of the same active constituents as St. John’s wort. After experimental investigation, an objective analysis of sleep and brain wave meter method, all the results show the evidence that it can improve sleep quality. In addition, even if only to absorb 50 milligrams, its effect was also good enough.

With this excellent clinical effect of Venetron ®, the drug interactions is also concerned by people. It does not effect drug to metabolize CYP3A and P-glycoprotein, so its safety is obviously proved. According to report, 30 people has been tested by detector, one’s general test value, hematology test value, biochemical test value and urine test value all are not abnormal.

The current era is increasingly serious pressure society. Pressure comes from anxiety, nervousness, and can cause insomnia. Vicious cycle may cause a decline in attention and fatigue accumulation, eventually to cause melancholia so that people may don’t want to go out. Venetron® showed effective effect to improve sleep quality and remarkable function to relieve depression. It is a good and safety herbal material, is expected to extensive development and application in the future.

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