Trans Fatty Acids May Cause Memory Deterioration

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New research shows that not only the cholesterol values may have bad effect on memory, but also the trans fatty acids. The result has been published in the PLOS One magazine on June 17. But the research for the related causal relationship has not been specified.

Professor Beatrice Golomb of University of California, San Diego (UCSD) school, argues Fatty acids lead to deterioration of the inflammation, interfere with hormones production, this may be the reason why memory declined. “Food makes body to obtain nutrients to maintain the relevant function, but trans fatty acids have the bad effect on the function of cells and internal organs.

In the study, they’ve done a complete diet survey and memory inspection for 645 healthy men under the age of 45. They take out 104 pieces of cards with word, then let the participants answer whether it is the first time to see the word, or seen the word. The correct answer is 86, when the daily intake of trans fatty acids increased 1 gram, the score for the answer is droped 0.76, for the group who taken about 16 grams of trans fatty acids per day, the correct answers are less than 12.

Trans fat can cause the deterioration of the inflammation, and can impact the generation of Omega 3 fatty acids that is closely related to brain function. In addition, according to Jim White of American Dietetic Association, shows that trans fat may have an bad effect on mood, appetite, sleeping and hormone serotonin value. And he also indicates, people who taken too much trans fat may be more likely to get depression.

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