Tongkat Ali – Sexual Enhancement Remedy in Malaysian

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In US, the multibillion-dollar business should be sexual enhancement industry. With the development of plant extract products, more and more people in US are willing to enhance sexual performance by sexual enhancement remedy – Tongkat Ali taking intead of taking testosterone replacement drugs like viagra.Tongkat ali, the root of an exotic tree that grows in the Malaysian rainforest.

According to Kilham, one of the herbal industry’s hired guns, scours the globe investigating natural remedies to make people younger, stronger and sexier. His specialty is libido-enhancing botanicals and he has staked his reputation on tongkat ali. It’s a remedy already successful in Malaysia that most Americans have never heard of, but he wants to make it a household name and he has convinced one of the herbal industry’s biggest players, Naturex, that they will make millions if they back his plan.

Also, Tongkat ali does not treat erectile dysfunction, so it is not a replacement for Viagra. But Ong Boon Kean, a senior researcher at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, has studied the effects of tongkat ali and said it can actually boost low testosterone and sperm count. “There are lots of different ways to get a sexual function, but certainly boosting testosterone is one of them,” Kilham told “Nightline.” And he says, unlike most prescription sexual enhancers on the market, this one helps women too.

A new study shows that Tongkat ali can also effectively prevent breast cancer, and Tongkat Ali is safer, long-term alternative to attaining a healthier sex drive comparing to viagra, kilham etc. Prescription medications may hurt your health but herbs do have their own set of risks, so it is why more and more people choose herbal extract.

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