TIC Gums Debuts High-Protein RtD Beverages Texture & Stabilization Solutions

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TIC Gums debuts high-protein ready-to-drink(RtD) beverages texture and stabilization solutions, aims at reducing the pH value and increasing protein levels.

Health has gradually become the trend of ready-to-drink beverages, consumers demand boost fortified products growth. To take advantage of this momentum, manufacturers try to develop the new products with maximized protein and nutrition value, while retaining stable beverage with desirable textural attributes. In addition, some consumers will not buy those goods that they think are not clean, it also increased the formulas complexity on the other hand.

In order to produce the stable high-protein products, manufacturers can use guar gum Pro571SET, because it can reduce the cost, provide stable and high quality protein without increasing drinks viscosity. For manufacturers who are looking for natural, non-GMO or organic material, Ticaloid Pro 148 OG is a kind of high protein system, has better taste, and can create a more comfortable beverage.

Dairyblend Acidified Beverage 120 increases the uniformity of color and the rate at which an acidified dairy beverage clears the mouth while reducing the awareness of particulates. This system will be showed at the fair by the raspberry yogurt samples. In order to produce natural and non-gmo formula, TIC pretested apple pectin AM800 impacts on oral coating, in order to improve the smoothness and reduce the awareness of particulates.

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