The Main Efficacy of Wheat Grass Powder

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Wheat grass juice has been popular all over the world, and concerned increasingly by many more visionary people and groups. The effect of wheat grass on health care and medical treatment are confirmed by scientific research and clinical record, recognized as an amazing natural food, contains the most abundant natural nutrients and vitamins.

The famous American soil expert G.H Thomas find out more than one hundred kinds of ingredients in wheat grass, prove its nutrition is very rich.

The main efficacy of wheat grass juice powder as follow::

1. Restore blood alkaline

Wheat grass has alkaline effect on blood, its rich alkaline material helps to reduce blood acidity, can be used to relieve various internal pain, and has been successfully applied in treatment of peptic ulcer, the ulcerous colitis, constipation, diarrhea and so on.

2. Anti-aging and to be beautiful

Wheat grass powder can clean the blood, and it is helpful to the cells regeneration to slow down the aging, make people feel more energetic. It also helps to tighten sagging skin, to achieve the effect of beauty.

3. Powerful antidote and defenders of the liver and blood

Enzyme and amino acids in wheat grass can better preventing and curing the carcinogens than other foods and drugs does. It enhance cells, clear away the poison in the liver and blood, and offset the harm of environmental pollution.

4. Resist the tumor and toxin

A recent new study shows that wheat grass has a powerful resistance to tumor, and do not contain other toxin and cell damaged material in drugs. A variety of active compounds in wheat grass can clean blood, and offset the toxin in cells.

5. Lose weight

Wheat grass can clean waste and toxins in deep of body, benefit to lose weight.

6. Restore hair color and energy

Clean hair with wheat grass everyday can restore your hair color and energy.

7. Reduce radiation

SOD – you may heard that ever, it is one of enzyme in wheat grass, can reduce radiation, and plays a role of anti-inflammatory compounds, can prevent the damage to the cells that caused by severe myocardial hit or inflammation.

8. Be called as Green Blood

In addtion to contains rich nutrients (a large number of active mineral elements, protein, vitamins and necessary micro-elements), wheat grass has a characteristic, its molecular composition and structure are very similar with human blood molecules. Although they are the two colors, molecular structure is the same. So adept called wheat grass juice “green blood”.

9. Quickly itching

Apply wheat grass to the external itching place can quickly relieve itching. Apply it first with the shampoo on head hurts, can repair damaged hair, and ease the itching and squamous scalp.

10. Freshen breath

Using wheat grass juice powder to rinse the mouth can freshen breath.

11. Resist poison

Wheat grass can be used to resist cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury, polyethylene, chloride and other toxic substances.

12. Wheat grass contains liquid oxygen

Liquid oxygen is very important to human health, it can stimulate digest, clear brain(brain consumes 25% of the oxygen in the body ), keep blood oxidate(Has protective effect to anaerobic microbial bacteria). Cancer cell cannot live in oxygen.

13. Restore fertility

Drinking wheat grass juice powder can restore fertility and improve sexual performanc.

14. Rich in human essential high quality plant protein

Protein for many people is mainly come from dairy products and meats, this is very inappropriate. Because the structure of dairy and meat protein is very different with the human body, and after heating, the difference is even more obvious. Protein in wheat grass is the most suitable for human body.

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