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Strawberry Juice Powder

Strawberry Juice Powder
Fruit & Vegetable Powder


Active Ingredient:

Polyphenols & Vitamin C

Sieve Analysis:

100% through 80 mesh

Test Method:


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Strawberry contains essential flavonoids, vitamins and minerals and the value of ORAC of strawberry is 1540/100g. Freeze dried strawberry powder is a natural and clever way to introduce extra fruit into the diet,as well as being a natural, safe colouring and flavouring. The powder contains no artificial ingredients,flavourings or colourings, and are free of saturated fats, sodium, and cholesterol,made from 100% strawberries.

Latin Name: Fragaria vesca Linn.

Part used: Fruit

Appearance: Red brown powder

Ingredients: Polyphenols & Vitamin C

Specification: 5:1, 10:1, 20:1


Nutritional Analysis & Main Function

Strawberry contained carotene is vitamin A important material, with the eyes and Liver function.

Strawberry on gastrointestinal and anemia have some nourishing conditioning effect.

Strawberries can prevent scurvy addition, the prevention of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease have a good effect.

Strawberry is rich in tannin content in plants, in vivo absorption and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals, have anti-cancer effect.

Clear summer heat antipyretic.

Engender liquid and allay thirst.

Brighting eye and nourishing the liver.



Flavors in seasoning packets for Strawberry Juice Powder keep the original flavors.

Colors in ice cream, cakes for beautiful light pink color of strawberry juice powder 3) Applied in drink mix, infant food, dairy product, bakery, candy and others.

To make colorful tablets with strawberry flavor.


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Strawberry Powder Organic Freeze-dried Strawberry Powder

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