Some Things You May Don’t Know about Barley Grass Powder

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With more concern about food safety problems, people have a psychological dependence to organic food, under such a background, the organic agricultural and sideline products also gradually came into being. Products processed by organic products have gradually been favored by consumers. Then the organic barley grass powder appeared on the market. The international organic certificated barley grass powder is made of fresh and tender barley grass as the raw material, strict in accordance with international organic certification of processing procedures, is 100% pure and natural nourishment, and can be mixed with milk, fruit juice etc. according to your personal taste.

Organic barley grass powder’s raw material is barley grass, and to be made by removing the impurities, cleaning, bleaching in hot water, dewatering, drying and grinding. Its main function is to expel the toxicant.

The effective ingredients of organic barley grass powder can resist cancer cell growth, and produce the environment to inhibit the growth of bacteria, so it is a good therapeutic effect for cancer patients. It can remove the toxic metal, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, copper and so on. Clinical records confirmed that it is benefit to the following symptoms, such as improve acne, anemia, eye disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, intestinal diseases, diabetes, obesity, gout, sore throat, migraine, menopause, beauty, relieve constipation, eliminate oral toxins, mouth odor, promote wound healing etc.

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