Scientists Developed a Healthy Medicinal Chocolate

Author:admin Category:News Date:10-26-2015 

It is reported by Washington Post that scientists who specializes in herbal technology in an United States based chocolate company have developed a more healthy chocolate, which contains only 35% fats.

Cocoa powder is the main ingredient of chocolate, which contains a variety of healthy antioxidants and minerals, and can protect the nervous system, to reduce the risk of stroke, and lower blood pressure. But the cocoa is very bitter, so a lot of chocolate company make products more sweet by using fat and sugar, but it may offset cocoa’s various beneficial value to human body.


Researchers in KuKa Xoco company found a kind of herbal medicine in Bolivia and Peru andes mountains, it contains a kind of de-bittering agent. The company said, using several micrograms of this plant extract can completely remove the bitter taste of large unsweetened cocoa beans. The company has developed a sample, which contains only 35% sugar and fat.

“Using microgrammes of coco plant extract, we can de-bitter unsweetened cacao,” said Gregory Aharonian, spokesperson of Kuka Xoco. And he also said that the company’s long-term goal is to develop low fat and sugar content of 10% in chocolate. And he thinks, if harmful ingredients can be removed from chocolate, then chocolate can be used to medical uses.

Because the artificial sweeteners can lead to weight gain, and other health hazards. Aharonian also said that if chocolate industry can be maximized to remove the fat and sugar in the products then it will become the health food industry, he is looking forward to cooperate with chocolate industry, to make chocolate become “the world’s most interesting drug”.

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