Rosemary Extract / Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract

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Rosemary Extract / Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract, a common household plant that has grown in the Alps since the Middle Ages, and is now found throughout the world. Rosemary has been used for thousands of years as a savory spice, food preservative, in cosmetics and hair products, and as an herbal medicine for a variety of health disorders.

Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis L.

Part Used: Leaf

Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Specification: 4:1 5:1, 10:1, 20:1; Rosmarinic Acid 20%, Carnosic acid 5% 8% 20% 30% 60%, Ursolic acid 20% 25%

Rosmarinic Acid 20%

CAS No.: 20283-92-5; 537-15-5

Carnosic acid 5%-60%

CAS No.: 3650-09-7; 6537-80-8

Ursolic acid 20% 25%

CAS No.: 77-52-1

Grade: Phamaceutical and Food


Functions or Efficacy

To be anti-oxidation, delay senescence.

Convergence skin, improve dandruff; Relief menorrhalgia, diuresis, weight loss.

Anti-cancer activity and treating cardiovascular disease.

Anti-bacterial , anti-inflammatory and anti-virus.

Improve the immune system.

The raw materials of Pharmaceutical and cosmetic.



Widely used in health food industry as super antioxidant, drink additives, cosmetics and water soluble body care water, etc.

Play a super function in protecting skin and antioxidant.

Kill bacteria.


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Rosemary Powder Dry Rosemary

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