Rhodiola Rosea Applied in Skin Care Products

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Rhodiola Rosea is herennial herbaceous plant, its dried root could be used as a medicine, which has a very good effect on skin maintenance. It is edible and can be used as skin care product, has been called “Plateau Ginseng”.

Rhodiola Rosea has many family members, there are 73 kinds in China and only 4 to 6 kinds of has medicinal properties, the plateau rhodiola is outstanding in family. Because its medicinal property is comparable to ginseng, so it has been called as oriental grass jelly and plateau ginseng.

Rhodiola Rosea grows in tundra of Chang bai shan, the northeast of China with 1700m to 2300m altitude, born in the black volcanic soil, the harsh growth environment produced its unique medicinal properties.

Rhodiola rosea applied in skin care products
The reason why rhodiola rosea can be used in skin care product is because glycosides. The glycosides in rhodiola rosea can help skin to fight oxidating, inhibit tyrosinase activity, thereby reduce the formation of melanin, dilute the darkness. Accurately speaking, applied phodiola rosea in skin care products is a very good application of external using.

Oral using rhodiola rosea can prevent radiation
Rhodiola rosea used in skin care industry is very welcomed by woman users, but do you know its effect on oral using? Prevent radiation? Yes, just stewed to drink. Generally, the dosage of rhodiola rosea for oral using is 3 to 6 grams everyday, can be taken alone and also can be used in combination. If to take it alone, decocting it would be better, because tea making cannot make the effective component fully play. Generally speaking, we need to soak it in water for more than 2 hours, and stew it with soft fire for 40 minutes. If used in the compound, just decoct it together with other drugs. Also can cook soup with the meat or cook porridge with rice.

Finally, I suggest that people without diseases cannot take it frequently. You should pay attention to these symptoms when taking: If allergic, heart palpitations, intestines and stomach discomfort, headache, please immediately stop. Due to the drug property is cold, so it is unfavorable for long-term taking to spleen and stomach weak groups; If you have any chronic illness or are taking other drugs, should consult a physician or pharmacist, avoid misusing.

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