Resveratrol & Quercetin – New Option of Cancer Treatment

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Resveratrol and quercetin, these two kinds of polyphenol content has been used in a wide research, may soon become a new important progress in cancer therapy. Mainly by improving the efficacy of existing cancer chemotherapy drug and potential applications. As far as we know, the powerful antioxidants in wine and other foods – resveratrol, attracted a great deal of attention because of the “French paradox”. It refers to although France is a high fat diet country, has a low incidence of cardiovascular disease.

A new study shows that resveratrol’s value is not limited to this. In the experiment, Oregon State University researchers have developed a system to increase the bioavailability of these compounds in the body. Through copolymer’s using, make these compounds have better water solubility, and allow them injected to blood, thus create a much higher benefit than the diet or oral intake.

Resveratrol and quercetin then appear to reduce the cardiac toxicity of a very widely used cancer drug, Adriamycin. Although it is highly effective in the treatment of lymphoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other cancers, it is still only used for mankind can only be used for a limited time because of its cardiotoxicity. The combination of these polyphenols could lead to a wider range of application, while at the same time improving its efficacy & demonstrating polyphenols’ own anti-cancer properties.

The result of this study has been published in the Journal of Controlled Release, by scientists from the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University and the School of Pharmacy at Pacific University. Both institutions supported the research. “It has a great potential on improving chemotherapeutic cancer treatment,” said Adam Alani, an assistant professor in the Oregon State University/Oregon Health & Science University College of Pharmacy, and lead author on the research.

Both in vitro and in vivo studies shows, cardiac toxicity of Adriamycin is significantly reduced after using co-administration of high levels of resveratrol and quercetin. Alani said, the further research demonstrated it is possible to completely eliminate the cardiac toxicity of Adriamycin. Because it can remove toxic free radicals produced during the process of drug using. These natural polyphenols own cancer therapeutic value, combined with other more extensive chemotherapy drugs also has a big possibilities.

Resveratrol is a kind of natural compound found in food, such as grapes, red wine, green tea and some fruits, berries, and dark chocolates, has always been a problem which many scientists studies because of its various health value. Quercetin is also a powerful antioxidant, reached the highest content in acid beans, berries, fruits, vegetables and natural green leafy vegetables.

Studies show that even if there is a high concentration of resveratrol and quercetin in the body is safe. Research on this issue is in further studying. Moreover, the FDA has approved to speed up the clinical trials and possible medical use.

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