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Pure Garlic Extract

Pure Garlic Extract
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Active Ingredient:

Allicin, Alliin

Sieve Analysis:

100% through 80 mesh

Test Method:


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Garlic has been used since antiquity as a therapeutic remedy for certain conditions now associated with oxygen toxicity, and, when this was investigated, garlic did indeed show strong antioxidant and hydroxyl radical-scavenging properties, it is presumed owing to the alliin contained within. Alliin is a sulfoxide that is a natural constituent of fresh garlic. It is a derivative of the amino acid cysteine, has been found to affect immune responses in blood. Alliin was the first natural product found to have both carbon- and sulfur-centered stereochemistry.

CAS No.: 539-86-6(Allicin),556-27-4(Alliin)

Latin Name: Allium Sativum L.

Active Ingredient: Allicin, Alliin

Appearance:  Brown yellow fine powder

Part Used: Seed

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Specification: Allicin 1%-5%, alliin 5%-15%

Grade: AAAA, Pharmaceutical and Food Grade


Functions or Efficacy(Garlic Benefits)

Preventive against diseases and infection

Helps prevent against heart disease and strokes

Help in the prevention of cancer

Improve immune function

Lower and help keep blood sugar stable

Lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Treat respiratory complaints such as asthma and chronic bronchitis

Helps increase the body’s ability to handle the digestion of meat and fats

Helpful in getting rid of athlete’s foot



Applied in food field, it is mainly as a functional food additives used in cookie, bread, meat products and so on.

Applied in health product field, it is often made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat.

Applied in pharmaveutical field, it is mainly used in treating bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and cardiovascular diseases.

Applied in feed additive field, it is mainly used in feed additive for protecting the poultry, livestock and fishes against the disease.


Storage: Keep in cool and dry place, away from strong light and heat.


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Garlic Extract


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