Different base, environment, temperature and soil,affecting the quality,content, medicinal properties, residues, etc.,
We,Xian Pincredit combined with our advantages of varieties and respond the hot policy “one item one country” and help the local farmers to be richer.Building herb plant base in Shandong, Shaanxi province.also establish a long-term cooperative relations with a number of companies and farmers locally, including astragalus, salvia miltiorrhiza, ginger, puerarin and so on.
1,Our herb base covered 20000m2,tens of technical to research and record.especially Shaan xi base,surrounding by Qin Ling mountain.

The soil,water,wind,moisture passed Organic standard,Selection to be “Model Base” by local government.


2,Switched the traditional methods to components quantification, quality controlled. from the single component of the high content or uniformity of the herb quality,increase investment in science and technology, improve technical barriers. In the process of growing, the changed environment, the mechanical action, the biological traits and the genetic characteristics can cause the herb variation, lead to the content and effect worse.like salvia miltiorrhiza,the salvianic acid and tanshinol are important ingredient and avoiding lesion.


3,Our plant base is accord to GAP and SOP,also we try to integrete to the herbal compatibility and “Yin and Yang”theory,planting different herb crossed on the same land.


4,We keep record of the content,heavy metal,residues and set experienced documents for the herbal,once passing and harvest and collecting.