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Chilli Pepper Extract

Chilli Pepper Extract

Product Name: Pepper Extract
Active Ingredient: Capsaicin, Capsanthin
Color: White / Red
Part Used: Fruit
Test Method: HPLC, UV

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Main Specifications

Capsaicin 8%, 85%, 90%

Capsanthin 98%

Chilli Pepper Extract 10:1

Chilli Extract is extracted from the fruit of Capsicum annuum Linn. It is also called pepper extract, chilli pepper extract or hot pepper extract. Main active components of chili pepper extract are Capsaicin and Capsanthin. Capsaicin is helpful for relieving pain, while Capsanthin is a natural red pigment. Chilli Pepper Extract is mainly used in food, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Features of Chilli Pepper Extract:

1. Extracted from natural chilli pepper fruits.

2. It can be used as seasoning or as an additive for seasonings.

3. It is natural antiseptic.

4. Capsanthin is natural red coloring agent .

Pictures of Chilli Pepper Extract

Chilli Pepper Extract Powder

COA of Chilli Pepper Extract:

Items Specification
Name Chilli Extract  
Active Ingredient Capsaicin
Appearance White Fine Powder
Oder Characteristic
Taste Characteristic
Paiticle size Pass 80 mesh
Heavy metals <10ppm
As <1ppm
Pb <3ppm
Assay Result
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative

Application of Chilli Pepper Extract:

1. As a natural red coloring agent, Capsanthin is applied in food, drinks, cosmetics and so on.

2. Capsaicin has a good effect to relieve pain and diminish inflammation. Capsaicin is applied in anti inflammatory pharmaceuticals. 

3. It has potential of losing weight by burning fat. It is used in functional food, dietary supplements.

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