Usnea Extract Usnic Acid Powder Wholesale

  • CAS NO.: 7562-61-0
  • Specification: Usnic acid 98%, 99.5%
  • Description: Usnea Extract, also named Lichen Extract, Usnea Barbata Extract, comes from the Dry Lichen of Usnea longissima. General ingredient content: Usnic Acid (Usninic Acid) 98%. The yellow crystalline powder is widely used in curing wounds and burns, antibacterial and antisepsis as the raw material of toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and perfume.
  • Part Used:Dry Lichen
  • Test Method:HPLC
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Report of Usnea Extract
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Cooperation Customer

We cooperated with many cooperation and the usnea extract is made of capsules, granulating,pills etc,also fantastic material in the cosmetic.A France pharmaceutical enterprise kept stable purchase and reproduced to be famous capsule,anti-inflammatory selling well in the market.

Yellow-green powder for usnic acid 98%, 99.5%

Natural Material

Usnic acid is extract from usnea longissima,also called lichens extract. like long, fuzzy strings hanging from trees in the forests or on the mountain rocks, which is distributed in Northeastern China and Shaanxi. The whole Usnea longissima is used medicinally.

Lichen extract can be from different source,We also select high quality usnea longissima from the local base,like Qinghai in the 3000m altitude, also the Golden Monkey hometown in Shaanxi,ensuring the high content of Usnic Acid.


Firstly buying the Usnea longissima, then adding ethanol for extraction, concentrating, sieving, fine and packing, then lichen extract (Usnic acid 98%) is successfully obtained.

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Function & Application

Usnic Acid has effect on anti-inflammatory.

1. Usnea extract or usnic acid is applied in pharmaceutical field as capsules or pills;

2. Lichen extract is applied in cosmetic,cream;

3. Usnea extract is applied in water-soluble lotion;

4. Health care products for capsules or pills.


Equipment: LAMBDA-45,KQ-500DE, AR-2140.

Reference substance:Lichen extract usnic acid Rb1 (No. 110704-200921), other reagents are analytical grade.

1.1 Preparation of the usnic acid reference.

1.2 Preparation of the test solution.

1.3 Spectrophotometry method to calculate the Usnic acid content.

Report of Usnea Extract

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Packing & Shipping

Package: 25kg/drum.

Delivery Detail:Within 1-3 working days for little order usnea extract.

Storage:Stored in a clean, cool, dry area.

Shelf Life:36months when properly stored.

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