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  • CAS NO.: 97404-52-9
  • Specification: Rhodioloside (Salidroside) 1% 3% 5%10%; Rosavins 3% 5%
  • Description: Rhodiola Rosea Extract, also named Rhodiola Extract, SEDUM ROSEA Extract, or rhodiola rosea root extract, is the ethanol extract derived from dry root or rhizome of Rhodiola Rosea. General ingredient content: Rhodioloside (Salidroside) 1% 3% 5%10%; Rosavins 3% 5%. The Reddish Brown Powder powder is mainly used as raw material of health food production enterprises for anti-oxidation, anti-brain hypoxia or enhancing immunity, anti-tumor, promoting blood circulation, and removing blood stasis.
  • Part Used:Dry root or rhizome
  • Test Method:HPLC
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Report Of Rhodiola Rosea Extract
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Our rhodiola rosea extract has good effects on improving immunity and anti-altitude sickness.fantastic Chinese herbal and We also prepare it during travelling to Tibet, Yunnan, Xinjiang etc.

Reddish Brown Powder powder for Rhodioloside (Salidroside) 1% 3% 5%10%; Rosavins 3% 5%

Natural Material

Rhodiola rosea extract is mainly extracted from raw material rhodiola crenulata or sedum rosea.rhodiola crenulata, grown in Tibet, Qinghai and Western Sichuan,which is rich in rhodioloside or salidroside, while sedum rosea is rich in rosavins. We select high quality rhodiola crenulata or sedum rosea from the local plantation in Tibet, and Qinghai.


Firstly buying the satisfied dried rhodiola crenulata,with our 8years experience for the rhodioloside extraction and purification,adding ethanol for extraction, concentrating, sieving, fine and packing etc, the rhodiola rosea extract (Rhodioloside 1% 3% 5% 10%; Rosavins 3% 5%) can be successfully obtained.

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Function & Application

Rhodiola rosea extract or rhodiola rosea root extract works for anti-altitude sickness,enhancing immunity and delaying aging, resisting radiation and tumor, regulating nervous system and metabolism and antioxidant.

1. Be applied in pharmaceutical fiel for treating cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

2. Rhodiola rosea extract is applied in health product field for anti-altitude sickness.

3.Applied in cosmetics fields for delaying aging and compact skin.

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Reference substance: Rhodioloside(No. 120112-201415), other reagents are analytical grade.

1.1 Preparation of the rhodioloside reference.

1.2 Preparation of the test solution.

1.3 Spectrophotometry method to calculate the content.

Report Of Rhodiola Rosea Extract

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Packing & Shipping

Package: 25kg/drum.

Delivery Detail:Within 1-3 working days for little order rhodiola rosea extract.

Storage:Stored in a clean, cool, dry area.

Shelf Life:36months when properly stored.

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