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  • CAS NO.: 557-61-9
  • Specification: Octacosanol 60% 90%
  • Description: Octacosanol is a natural monobasic higher fatty alcohol, generally exsist in plants as wax esters, widely found in some natural products such as cane wax, bran wax, wheat germ oil.Common is Octacosanol 5%-90%.Appearance white powder or flaky crystals,known as a recognized antifatigue substance in the world.
  • Part Used:Sugar cane,Bran wax etc
  • Test Method:GC
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Octacosanol is widely used in the health care field,main function of antifatigue,even man enhancement.One ** factory take our 90% Octacosanol,final products to be capsules with their own brand and selling quite well.

White for Octacosanol 90% sugar cane sourse.

White for Octacosanol bran wax sourse

Natural Material

The Octacosanol is a recognized antifatigue substance in the world.Generally exsist in natural plants as wax esters,In addition,it is also widely found in some natural products such as cane wax,bran wax,wheat germ oil.Octacosanol has good biodegradability,which is easily absorbed and utilized by animal.

Ours is from sugarcane wax,white powder form octacosanol can be for capsules,tablets,pills to consume by the pharmaceuticals and health factory.

Quality Control Systerm

With our long experience of the octacosanol,melting the wax,filter,extraction,saponification etc,finally we got 60%,90% octacosanol powder,common form can be white powder or crystals.Natural octacosanol is a safe and effective healthy material.

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Report Of Octacosanol

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Function & Application

The sugarcane wax extract octacosanol has strong effect on improving endurance, energy, physical strength.

1)Pharmaceutical:octacosanol powder is made into pills and tablets.

2)Health care product:the octacosanol powder,which is consumed as great ingredient of functional foods,various nutritional supplements and high grade feed.

3)Octacosanol cosmetics: promote skin blood circulation,anti-inflammatory, anti-aging etc.

Packing & Shipping

Package: 25kg/drum.

Delivery Detail:Within 1-3 working days for little order octacosanol.

Storage:Stored in a clean, cool, dry area.

Shelf Life:36months when properly stored.

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