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Ginger Root Extract

  • CAS NO.: 84696-15-1
  • Specification: Gingerol 5%
  • Description: Ginger extract or ginger root extract takes fresh ginger root as raw material, fragrant smell and spicy flavor. Our laboratory carefully select authentic ginger originated from Shandong to produce samples. We adopt HPLC method to test gingerol content accurately. Customers source ginger extract as the compounding of health care products, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to cure nausea and vomiting, gastric ulcer, inflammation, arteriosclerosis and so on.
  • Part Used: Ginger root
  • Test Method:HPLC
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Report Of Ginger Root Extract


Brown for Gingerol 5%

Material Sources

Ginger extract is ethanol extract from fresh ginger root. Ginger grows at warm climate, not cold-resistant. The temperature is very important for the germination rate and growth of ginger, suitable temperature at 25 - 28 ℃. it is sown in late April and early May and harvested from mid to late October to November. The well-known ginger planting bases are located in Shandong and Hubei.

Our fixed cooperative ginger planting base is located in Shandong, covering an area of 7,400 square meters. The ginger produced there feature big, thin skin, delicate fruit, bright color, strong spicy taste, rich nutrition and long-storage. Compared with ginger in other places, nutritional ingredients contained in our ginger ranked first among the similar product of China.

We prepare 8 tons of inventory after testing the qualified ginger content in February each year, then extract with the 40 meshes of smashed raw materials, meeting European standards and SGS measurement. Our annual export volume of ginger extract have reached 70 tons.

Production & Flow Chart Selecting fresh ginger rhizome, drying with water content of less than 5%, and smashing, coarse powder is extracted. Putting raw material into tank, adding 12 times amount of 60% ethanol, reflux and extracting for 3 times, 3 hours, 2 hours, and 1 hour respectively, with temperature controlled between 65℃ and 85 ℃, filtering extracting solution, merging the filtrate of the time 3 times, adsorbing through macroporous resin, respectively eluting macroporous resin with with 70-80% ethanol, 50-60% ethanol, 30-40% ethanol, merging the eluate and standing for 1-3 hours, filtering, then crude extract is gotten. Concentrating the extract to 20-30% of the original volume, standing for 1-2 hours, filtering and drying, then the finished ginger extract is obtained. Processes such as extraction, chromatography, and crystallization are further required to extract higher content.
Function & Application

Applied in food field, as the raw material of food, it is nutritious and good for stomach, has detoxication effect.

Applied in pharmaveutical field, promoting blood circulation and regulating breathing, which will help the metabolism.

Applied in cosmetic field, keeping skin speckleless and wrinkleless.

Report Of Ginger Root Extract
Packing & Shipping

Package: 25kg/drum,double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.

Delivery Detail:Within 1-3 working days

Storage:Stored in a clean, cool, dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.

Shelf Life:Two years when properly stored.

Cooperation Case A purchasing enterprise from New Jersey, USA purchase annual Ginger extract Gingerol 5% order of 45 tons from us since 2012 for their anti - inflammatory drugs. Our product have passed through their rigorous requests and received good response from them with effective anti-inflammatory.

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