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  • CAS NO.: 303-98-0
  • Specification: COQ 10 5%~98%
  • Description: COQ 10 Powder, also named, Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone 10.The yellow or orange powder is mainly used in physiology, pharmacy, cosmetics and health protection fields.
  • Test Method:UV, HPLC
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Report Of COQ 10 Powder
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Cooperation Customer

The CQ 10 powder is effective supplement and we cooperated with many cooperation,which was made of capsules, granulating,pills etc. Jiangxi *** pharmaceutical enterprise bought COQ 10 powder and produced one famous brand and sell well.good wellness and got perfect feedback.

Yellow to orange powder

Natural Material

CoQ, or Q10 is a coenzyme in animals and most bacteria, it is also used as dietary supplement or drugs.


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Function & Application

COQ 10 is proved to be helpful in treating heart-related problems, improving immunity.

1.COQ 10 or Coenzyme Q10 powder is applied in pharmaceutical as capsules or pills for treating cardiovascular disease.

2.Coenzyme Q10 powder applied in healthcare product for enhancing immunity and promoting human energy.


HPLC was used to test CoQ10 1,Preparation of the reference solution of Coenzyme Q10 2,Preparation of sample solution. 3,Injection to liquid chromatograph, determination..

Report Of COQ 10 Powder

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Packing & Shipping

Package: 25kg/drum.

Delivery Detail:Within 1-3 working days for little order COQ 10 powder

Storage:Stored in a clean, cool, dry area.

Shelf Life:36months when properly stored.

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