Phycocyanin: New Source of Protein in the Future

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On March, microalgae supplier Solazyme announced cooperate with Glanbia Nutritionals to expand whole algal protein AlgaVia. The raw material of this brand is chlorella, and made by fermentation technology. Solazyme believes that this whole algal protein would gradually play a vital role in protein market.

Marketing & Sales Director shows, they will continuously launch more ingredients based on alga, for example, chlorella and spirulina. According to Innova Market Insights, in the United States, the growth rate of new released products that contained with chlorella and spirulina is 15% annually in 2010 to 2014. And this kind of growth will go up with the emerging global economy development, population increase and the rising demand for other proteins.

The allergens will limit the optional scope for people selecting protein, for instance, soy and whey. This whole algal protein AlgaVia becomes an attractive product that meet consumer demands because it is vegetarian, and do not contains the known allergens and proteins. Besides that, it contains a lot of lutein, zeaxanthin, arginine, glutamic acid, fiber, fat and complete amino acid composition. This whole algal protein is very easy to digest, will not be interacted with other component, haven’t granular material compared to other proteins.

AlgaVia is different from other algae composition that grows in the pond, it is cultivated with fermentation processing so that it have a advantage on production. Through the fermentation processing, it can grow quickly to meet the needs of market. Its production process is sustainable, the production of AlgaVia in per million hectares of land is higher than soy protein, peas and rice.

For the application, the Marketing & Sales Director said that it is suitable for large number of product types. Because this whole algal protein is protected in the cell wall of algae. This protection means that seaweed protein won’t interact with food and drink, and makes it easily applied into many foods and beverages without any side effects. AlgaVia is suitable for all beverages, condiments and biscuits with low PH value, as well as the more typical protein application, such as the ready-to-drink beverages, sauces, sports nutrition products, solid beverage, cereals etc.

Like many new ingredients, the biggest challenge is to make consumers and formulators become familiar with. It is totally different from the algae composition that we have seen in the past, so that we need to understand what spices or ingredients mixed with it would be better. At present, it has been tested when this whole algal protein mixed together with all kinds of new and existing food, then it will be arrive in the America market in the next few months.

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