Patent PS+PA from Lipogen Ltd – Alleviates Mental & Psychological Stress

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According to American Institute of Stress, stress leads to 225 million lost working days in America every year, and resulting in about $80 billion economic losses. At this time, consumers are looking for a solution to workplace stress. The CEO of Lipogen said that customers are still looking for a natural product for managing stress in workplace.

Stress can affect everyone in the certain time, and can lead to mental and psychological health problems produced according to American Psychological Association. Although some of stress is beneficial, extreme and long term stress would have harmful effect on immune, angiocarpy and central nervous system. Now, America market is fully prepared for stress management supplement. 25% Employees think work is a kind of stress, and 75% employees think current work stress is higher than last generations.

The company launched a stress management product called PS+PA, this new ingredient is patented and clinically tested, which is the mixtures of phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidic acid(PA). Swiss Lonza Group also released this product several months ago, mainly for cognitive health, not specifically for stress management. But Lipogen’s PSPA is positioned on stress management, to educate people and also provide more information about this ingredient. Stress management supplements with Lipogen’s PSPA ingredient is now releasing in American market, although the company has not published its identity.

Lipogen shows that the efficacy of this patented PSPA ingredient has been proven by two clinical tests. Lipogen holds American, Eu and Canada’s patent for Lipogen PSPA stress management solution, to provide a support for PSPA marketing partners.

A research published in 2004 offered an evidence for the effect on this selective stress inhibition of this ingredient. Lipogen indicates that the ingredient is available for liquid and powder, and is non-GMO and Kosher certified.

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