Olive Leaf Extract: New Ingredients for Heart Health

Author:admin Category:News Date:09-21-2015 

According to a new data of human trials published in the British Journal of Nutrition, olive leaf extract supplements can improve blood vessel function, reduce inflammatory cytokines associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

This randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, acute intervention trial examined the absorption and metabolism of polyphenol in olive leaf extract and its physiology effects, so that we can better understand the relationship between olive leaf extract and its potential causal biological function. The study showed that olive leaf extract can regulate blood vessel function, and can made IL – 8 in living organisms, in addition, polyphenol in olive is also beneficial to the body.

Professor J.P.E Spencer from the University of Reading said, this study is very important for exploring links between absorbed OLE components and positive changes in vascular function and pro-inflammatory markets. but to make a final conclusion, still need to do some epidemiological studies, but to make the definitive conclusion, they still need to do some epidemiological studies.

Brett Hewlett, CEO of Comvita shows, they have begun to study the relationship between olive leaf extract and cardiovascular health, and the results of the study is expected to be published in 2015. Rashda Ali, UK managing director of Comvita said, the next research that University of Reading and the University of Auckland will do is about the effects of the company’s olive leaf extract on a wider range of cardiovascular disease. Olive leaf extract has get the approval from European Food Safety Authority, but it is still too early to declare it is associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease.

There are 16 healthy volunteers (8 men and 8 women) involved in this randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover, acute intervention trial, were randomly divided into two groups, one group consume olive leaf extract (including 51 milligram bitter substances in olive, and 10 milligram hydroxyl tyrosol HT), another group consume placebo. After 4 weeks blank period, exchange the supplements. The research team measured vascular function by digital volume pulse (DVP), while blood collected at baseline, extracting the blood for test in 1, 3, 6 hours in order to investigate the effect on cytokine production. And the phenolic metabolites in urine were analyzed for by HPLC.

The research team reported, compared to the control group, DVP-stiffness index and ex vivo IL-8 production were significantly reduced in the group of consuming olive leaf extract. These effects are usually accompanied with several phenolic metabolites discharge, such as hydroxy tyrosol, and the derivatives of bitter substances in olives, these content in the urine reached the peak within 8 ~ 24 hours.

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