Nutralliance Released Non-GMO Tocopherol Derived from Rapeseed Oil

Author:admin Category:News Date:09-16-2015 

Recently, Nutralliance company in California, USA, has developed a mixed tocopherol product called RavEtol, which is extracted from rapeseed oil and meet the demand for clean, Non-GMO and non-soy tocopherols.

RavEtol, the Non-GMO and Non-Soy mixed tocopherol product is the extension of the natural vitamin E products of the company, including d-alpha tocopherol, mixed tocopherols and plant sterols, both of these are offered by United States in collaboration with Advanced Organic Materials (AOM) of Argentina.

Brian Salerno, Nutralliance’s president/CEO said, the actual function of this pure and natural, Non-GMO product is powerful and complete. Clean label is a key factor in product development, especially for no genetically modified (Non-GMO) and non-soy tocopherol products. Consumers desire for health products, and they are also eager to provide consumers with high quality products to meet their health needs.

The company’s sales director also said that this product is so popular because it do not contain GMO ingredient and soybean. One of the reason for the success of the product is that this kind of component is extracted from sunflower or rapeseed without any Non-GMO problem since started to develop. RavEtol is applicable to vegetable oil and powder formula, and can be used in vegetarian products, also can promote the application of functional food.

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