New Innovation in Plant Extract – Remove Bacteria for Refrigerator

Author:admin Category:News Date:08-14-2015 

In addition to bring larger store space for consumers, LG also cares for consumers’ health. The insider of LG Door-inDoor refrigerator is equipped with 99.99% anti-microbe filter, and the coating is made from ginseng extract, is divided in four parts to remove odor and bacteria. It can effectively reduce odor, and provide a fresh and clean store environment with 99.99% antibacterial ratio and 90% deodorization rate at the same time.

For general consumers, they may not pay attention to ginseng extract, but it is an exciting and amazing information to members in plant extract industry. As a member in a healthy industry, it’s the first time I know the natural plant extract can be applied in household appliances except for food, drink, nutritional supplement, health-care product, and daily necessity and fodder etc. To be honest, applied as the coat inside of refrigerator is really a creative idea.

As far as I know, natural ingredients with antimicrobial activity are not very rare, such as various kinds of fungus, rosemary extract, sage extract, maguey extract, grape seed extraxt and kinds of plant polyphenol and flavonoids ingredients. We can boldly speculate all of those active ingredients can be applied in many other industries.

This ginseng extract applied in refrigerator opened a new way for creative application to more plant extract. I guess the reason why LG choosing ginseng extract for removing bacteria is because its stability and the ability to resist and inhibit bacteria is quite suitable for this environment.

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