NattoPharma & Dr. Mercola Established Preferred Supplier Relationship Results in Vitamin K2

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NattoPharma in OSLO of Norway has established preferred supplier relationship with Mercol, a leading health education company offering premium products. The main product involved is MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 produced by NattoPharma, which is similar to MK-7, a featured ingredient in the prestigious Dr. Mercola Premium Products line. In addition, and the two companies have combined their resource to educate consumers the health care efficacy of vitamin K2 after clinical validation.

Mercola is founded in 1997, has been the world’s No.1 Natural Health website and one of the top 10 health websites. The company has more than 1 million newsletter subscribers, including over ten thousand health care professionals, and other subscribers from most countries in th world. The daily newsletters they sent to users are easy-to-understand.

In addition, receives 30 million page views per month and over 100,000 pages of free and original health information, including nutrition, exercise, health, and stress management based on the expertise of leading health professionals. All of these information are not affected by the cooperation or outside influences, founder Dr. Joseph Mercola has more than 20 years of clinical experience and finds out the interviewers that meets his strict requirements.

Recently Dr. Mecola has a interview about Vitamin K2’s efficacy, including Leon Schurgers PhD: Vitamin K and Its Benefits, Dr. Dennis Goodman:Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health. The American company’s mission is to transform health care paradigm into the cause of the disease, rather than the symptoms. Dr. Mercola offers many of the latest health news and information, free and effectively help people keep health and prolong life.

NattoPharma CEO Dr. Hogne Vik believes that the amazing response these interviews have earned is a testament to Dr. Mercola, his dedication to readers is based on important scientific basis, it is the reason why he has such a loyal and growing followers.

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