Muscadine Grape Seed Oil – Another Effective Tool for Weight Loss

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According to Food and Function magazine, University of Florida researchers found that muscadine grape seed oil can be used as a form of vitamin E, to provide scientists a new method of losing weight. This grape seed oil can help reduce the formation of body fat cells, which can produce a tocotrienol that is the unsaturated form of vitamin E.

The researcher Marshall said that taking food made from muscadine grape seed oil may effectively reduce fat, and lose weight. The muscadine grape seed oil may also be added a kind of valuable edible oils on the market. Because it is the only source of tocotrienol, and it also is good source of polyunsaturated fatty acid and monounsaturated fatty acid. The researcher hope the muscadine grape seed oil can be a new strategy to help fight obesity.

Before this news released, the researchers attributed all the most tocotrienol benefits to red palm and rice bran oil, in fact, recent studies have shown that rice bran oil can help lower cholesterol. With the deepening of the research, muscadine grape seed oil is also considered the main source of tocotrienol, in this study, the researchers first time to show how to manufacture large enough quantities of it.

Muscadine grape’s skin is thick with big seed particle, mainly grows in the South America, is usually used for manufacturing wine and fruit juice. Every year, thousands of tons of pomace by-products would be produced after wine and fruit juice production. Traditionally, pomace byproducts would be disposed as waste, but some wineries will use muscadine grape to squeeze grape seed oil, and some will store them for byproducts.

Researchers said that in this study, they found that muscadine grape seed oil can help lose weight, and later they will have more study to clarify the its benefits for human health. The researchers now focus on studying the antioxidant of muscadine grape’s skin, they hope to spend more energy on developing it, and finally to produce beneficial product for human.

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