Miracle thing: sea cucumber extract–anticancer

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Sea cucumbers are not really cucumbers at all. Sea cucumbers are actually marine animals that have a soft body with the shape and texture of a cucumber. There are more than 1,000 species of sea cucumbers that range in size from one inch to several feet long.

Now — back to the study. The Chicago research team investigated the effects of sea cucumber on cancer prevention. They studied the growth inhibition and death in human pancreatic cells. Researchers found that sea cucumber extract stopped cancer cells from spreading and activated a process that killed the cells — and this happened within five minutes of the cells being exposed to the extract!The researchers concluded that sea cucumber extract causes cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human pancreatic cells. They recommended that, because sea cucumber extract is edible and nontoxic, it may be valuable for nutritional therapy or prevention of pancreatic cancer.
sea cucumber extract
Sea cucumber extract is a highly promising natural medicine for cancer. There are currently two clinical trials using it against myeloma and multiple myeloma, but more trials against breast and lung cancer are clearly called for, as a start. In the meantime, dried and powdered sea cucumber is available in North America in over-the-counter health supplements aimed at inflammatory conditions, because sea cucumber also happens to be a rich source of chondroitin.

WARNING: Do not take sea cucumber extract benefits in any form if you have an allergy to seafood, or if you are taking anticoagulants as it may act as a blood thinner.

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