Middle-class in Denmark Prefer to Consume Organic Food

Author:admin Category:News Date:08-13-2015 

Study comes from middle-class families of Denmark found that the richer, well-educated urban households prefer to consume more fruits and vegetables, lesser food with fat and sugars as well as more organic foods. The average cost for organic products increased from 5.5% to 5.5% between 2007-2007.

Two of Food and Resources Economics professors in University of Copenhagen said, they found that the consumption of organic vegetables cost is higher than consumption of organic fruit. They suggest that this explanation may be related to early research result – people choose taking organic food tend to be more interested in cooking, so they are willing to spend time preparing vegetables. However, the two professors also shows that they haven’t considered the differences between vegetables, fruit and foods.

Many consumers believe that organic foods will help them realize the goal of nutrition and healthy balanced diet. According to the report, about half of the opinion survey think that organic foods contain more minerals and vitamins than ordinaries. More affluent families tend to consume organic food, because they can afford the price of this part.

More price sensitive families won’t select organic meat or highly processed foods. Because these organic food are relatively expensive, but ordinary vegetables or other unprocessed basic products has a lower prices or cost performance.

The researcher said, consumers has dependence on organic food are eating less fat food, it is not only because of their interests in this kind of product, also because this kind of products do not belong to the ready-to-eat food. Researchers concluded that the Danish diets generally is still too much fat, sugar and low dietary fiber content. According to the media, at present about 4% of agricultural land in Europe is organic management.

Although it is still uncertain which has higher nutritional value, organic food or non-organic food? Generally speaking, consumers all over the world seem to be passionate about organic food, even the price of vegetables and fruits in the supermarket shelves is higher than that common fruits and vegetables. In a sense, it reflects people’s desiring on health and a new selection of more natural food!

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