Method to Make Bitter Melon & Apple Juice

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Clearing heat and removing toxin must be the primary things in hot summer. Bitter melon can help to relive summer heat and detoxify, the charantin in it also can increase appetite, and strengthen spleen and stomach. But for many people, the bitterness of bitter melon is unacceptable, so we can squeeze it into juice with apple, rock candy and honey. It can help lower cholesterol, reduce fat and lose weight.

Bitter melon 150g, rock sugar 30g, a little bit of honey and an apple.

1. Remove bitter melon pulp, clean and dice it, then put it into salt water for 10 minutes.
2. Remove apple peel and core, clean and dice.
3. Rock sugar adding 2 bowls of water boiled for dissolving, after cooling, put it into refrigerate for 1 hour, then using food machine to squeeze it with bitter melon, apple into drink.
4. Add some honey when eat.

Sweet remind:
Bitter melon contains rich nutrition, very low sugar and fat, so it is ideal food for obesity.

The charantin in bitter melon can increase appetite, strengthen spleen and stomach. And the apple pectin is soluble dietary fiber, which can promote the metabolism of cholesterol, effectively lower the cholesterol levels, also can promote fat expel out of body. Thus, to drink bitter melon and apple juice can increase appetite, lose weight and reduce fat in summer.

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