We are keeping overcritical on the quality and persisting in the profession all the time.from material test, extract test to final analysis,keep the content qualified and data perfect.

We,Xian Pincredit own astragalus,salvia miltiorrhiza base,also responding the hot policy “one item one country” and help the local farmers to be richer.we set great relationship to collect the wild puerarin, gynostemma pentaphylla,and dried.once the content such as puerarin,salvianolic acid,gingerol,and heavy metal,pesticide residues passed the initial test,we keep yearly purchasement.

In order to strengthen the company’s pharmaceuticals safety management,protect the health of consumers and life safety, we issue the complaint policy and recall if encountering problems.herbal extract will be more popular and acceptable,but the quality and safety must be cared by our manufacturer.