Magnolia Plant Extract May Cure Head and Neck Cancer

Author:admin Category:News Date:06-30-2015 

Magnolia plant is well-known for its beautiful, white and fragrant flowers. As the traditional Chinese medicine, the honokiol extract from Magnolia have been used for centuries. Recently, US scientists found the honokiol has high performance on against head and neck cancers. They that a compound in magnolia plant extracts can be used to shrink tumours in the head and on the neck.

According to US National Cancer Institute’s survey, 3/4 of head and neck cancer suffer from head and neck cancer because of the tobacco and alcohol’s using. And this type of cancer has only 50% of the survival rate, about 20000 Americans die from head and neck cancer every year.

Honokiol is a kind of main active ingredient from Magnolia plant’s extract, it has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, and been used for curing anxiety and other diseases. The research show that honokiol is effective in exploiting many biochemical pathways to shrink tumours of various types, or to keep them from growing in the first place.

Based on research conducted by Alabama scientists, the honokiol compound can effectively block a protein called epidermal growth factor receptor, or EGFR. This protein is said to be abundant in head and neck cancer cells.

The researchers also tried using honokiol to shrink tumours implanted into mice, and also got promising results. When tested on cell lines derived from human cancers of the oral cavity, larynx, tongue, and pharynx, the compound from magnolia herbal extract was found to be effective in shutting down aberrant cells.

This study showed that honokiol is a bioactive molecul which has very important application value on treating head and neck cancer, however, this is still need to approved in the further study, especially the further validation of clinical research.

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