Keep beauty? Kudzu Root Extract Helps You to Achieve it

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Kudzu Root Extract (also known as Pueraria Extract, Kudzuvine Root or Ge Gen extract) have many effects which have been known to many people, such as the protection of chemical liver injury, the regulation of blood lipids, and the dilation of blood vessels etc. Actually, it also can keep women beauty, help them condition menopausal syndrome and enlarge breast etc. Therefore, Kudzu Root Extract has been receiving the favor of female consumers as “god of female”.

Kudzu Root Extract is the ethanol extract derived from the dry root of pueraria mirifica. Main ingredient: kudzu root flavanone and puerarin.

Kudzu root flavanone, belonging to flavonoids, is one of the major functional ingredients of Kudzu Root Extract. It can be used for enlarging breast and delaying female menopause.

Puerarin is isoflavonoid ramification. According to the study, puerarin can significantly regulate the female endocrine and bilaterally balance estrogen in vivo. In addition, puerarin also could nourish the ovaries, activate the natural secretion of ovarian hormones and delaying senility. Thus, Kudzu Root Extract also can be used in the treatment of  menopause and postmenopausal menopausal syndrome, remarkably improving hot flashes, sweating, irritability and headache, dizziness, insomnia, memory, tinnitus, memory loss.

Pueraria isoflavones content is much higher than the content of isoflavones in soybeans. Isoflavones can make women have a younger face, and a more delicate, more moisturizing, and more whitening skin. It also can help female breast stronger and more plump and can prevent breast cancer. Hence, women health products has been paying more and more attention to the pueraria mirifica‘s function of maintaining beauty and keeping young.

Pincredit supplies high standard Kudzu Root Extract for health care product manufacturers. General specification: Total flavones 40% UV; puerarin 30%-99.8%; HPLC. Those who love for beauty is free to choose Kudzu Root Extract to retain young state and better to ease and to get through menopause. 

pueraria flavones

Kudzu Root Extract  Pueraria Flavones

pueraria mirifica

Kudzu Root Extract  Puerarin 99.5%


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