Japan: Olive Leaves Extract Can Prevent and Mitigate the Pollen Allergy

Author:admin Category:News Date:09-08-2015 

Japan Menard cosmetics company, found that olive leaves can prevent and mitigate pollen allergy.  Pollen allergy is an allergic reaction caused by the pollen of cedar and cypress. It is full of fat cells in the mucous membrane of eyes, nose and throat, when those fat cells combined with pollen allergic material, histamine would be released, and it will stimulate the nerves and blood vessels, cause sternutation, runny nose, nasal congestion, eyes itching, foreign body sensation in throat and other symptoms. Olive leaf extract can inhibit the release of histamine, thus it has the effect on moderating pollen allergy.

In addition, the reason why fat cells can be combined with pollen allergic material is IgE antibody in the surface of fat cells. Olive leaf extract can reduce the amount of IgE antibody, and thus has a good inhibitory effect on pollen allergy. Moreover, the company produced pills containing olive leaves extract, and did a human trial with Fujita Health University, confirmed that it does have the effect on mitigating pollen allergy symptoms.

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