Introduction of Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Tea

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For most of tea lovers, may occasionally make a cup of ginkgo leaf tea for drinking. But few of them know to much about the function and efficacy of ginkgo leaves. Today, let’s have a look!

1. Eliminate blood vessel garbage, prevent cerebral thrombosis and stroke
Some dangerous factors can lead to stroke, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and diabetes. Ginkgo can inhibit human body to produce a substance called platelet activation factor (RSF), RSF influence artery blood flow, reduce blood flow to the brain, thus led to a lack of oxygen to brain cells. Many studies indicate, ginkgo biloba can greatly increase the blood flow to the brain, and accelerate rehabilitation after stroke.  Scientists insert a silk thread into rabbit’s carotid artery to mimic human arteriosclerosis, and give a group of rabbits inject ginkgo biloba extract, thrombosis significantly smaller.

2. Improve cerebral blood supply
Carotid artery is the main blood transfusion channel to the brain, when give animals inject ginkgo biloba extract, carotid artery blood flow increased, the brain gets more blood.

3. Anti-myocardial infraction
Scientists ligated dog’s coronary artery to mimic human myocardial infarction, when the ginkgo biloba extract injected myocardial damaged animals, abnormal electrocardiogram (ecg) will get better.

4. Regulate blood fat, lower blood viscosity
Ginkgo biloba has a good effect on blood dilution, and inhibit the thrombogenesis, improve blood circulation without any side effects. Therefore, Dr. in USA called ginkgo biloba as “creative” drug.

5. Regulate blood pressure
Ginkgo biloba leaves can strengthen artery, vein and blood capillary, as well as resistance of peripheral vascular, eliminate congested, prevent internal organs obstacles, prompt those function being normal. These effects can be proved by many animal experiments and each big hospital clinical trials, so ginkgo biloba is very suitable for patients with high blood pressure.

6. Improve diabetes
In Germany or France hospital, after give ginkgo biloba supplements for diabetes patients taking, found that more than 95% of them gained significant improvement, significantly reduced blood sugar in the blood. In this way, can reduce the amount of insulin injections, benefit for blood capillaries, and significantly improve the symptoms of diabetes.
7.Prevent atherosclerosis, recover vascular elasticity
Ginkgo biloba leaves can prompt cerebral arteries or peripheral vascular become strong, make the hardened blood vessels to restore elasticity, make the diameter of blood vessels be normal, also can reduce cholesterol in the blood and prevent atherosclerosis, works very well.

8. Protect heat
Free radical oxidation will produce Low Density Lipoprotein(LDL), large numbers of LDL combined with each other and then deposited in vascular intima, coronary arteries would be choked up with deposition of LDL. So heart can not get enough oxygen supply, heart attacks would be caused. Ginkgo biloba leaves can effectively improve blood circulation, guarantee enough oxygen supply for myocardium, improve left ventricular hypertrophy, so as to avoid the occurrence of heart disease.

9. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Ginkgo biloba leaves can strengthen cerebral artery or peripheral blood vessels, make hardened blood vessels recover elasticity, improve the narrowed blood vessels, so as to make the atrophic brain cells back to life, prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, improve memory, relieve dizziness.

10. Improve frequent micturition
Whether caused by aging or chronic kidney bad for kidney asthenia, all can take ginkgo biloba leaves for treatment. It can make capillaries normalized, blood circulation smoothly, and improve the function of the kidney and bladder.

11. Protect liver
Often taking ginkgo biloba leaves can prompt liver function fully play.

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