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Honey Suckle Flower Extract

Honey Suckle Flower Extract
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Active Ingredient:

Chlorogenic acid

Sieve Analysis:

100% pass 80 mesh

Test Method:


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Chlorogenic acid is the most important phenolic compound in Honey suckle flowers and has been known as an antioxidant for a long time. It is also an inhibitor of the tumor promoting activity of phorbol esters; and might therefore contribute to the prevention of Type II Diabetes Mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

English Name:  Honey Suckle Flower Extract

Latin Name: Lonicera Japonica Thunb.

Appearance: Brown fine powder to white crystalline0                     

Part Used:  Flower

Extraction Type:  Solvent Extraction

Active Ingredient: Chlorogenic Acid

Grade:  Top Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade


Functions or Efficacy

Has antihypertensive effects: Chlorogenic acid has significant antihypertensive effect, which is smooth, and non-toxic without side effects.

Has anti-tumor effects: Modern pharmacological experiments show that chlorogenic acid has the effects of anti-cancer and tumor suppressor.

Has the effects of strengthening Kidney and enhancing immune function: experimental results show that chlorogenic acid can excite pituitary and adrenal cortex system and can enhance the function of the adrenal cortex.

Is Antioxidant, anti-aging, against free radicals, promoting metabolism.

Chlorogenic acid has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects. It decreases blood pressure and increases white blood cells and gastric peristalsis and secretion significantly.

Other functions: diuretic, gallbladder, blood fat, fetus protection.



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