Homemade Astragalus Ginger Red Dates Tea to Strengthen Spleen and Stomach

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Office workers should work with computer in 8 hours everyday, it is too much damage for the eyes as well as body. Get into the habit of drinking tea not only is good for health care, prolong life, but also can help you maintain a good figure. Homemade Astragalus slimming tea would be favored by many white-collar and office workers.

To drink a cup of green tea, it is quite refreshing and decompression. Often drink tea also is benefit for beauty and skin care, eliminate toxin in the body, prevent toxin generate, and improve the blood circulation to promote metabolism, so today I want to share with you a few healthy homemade slimming tea here, you can drink every day later.

1.Keep spleen health and warm stomach: Astragalus Ginger Red Dates tea

Materials: A little bit of astragalus, brown sugar and ginger, 2 red dates

Method: To add the ginger slice, astragalus and red dates into 1000g boiling water, slow fire to cook for 8 minutes, add some brown sugar.

Office making method: Put all the ingredients into 1000g boiling water in a thermos flask, stew for 10 minutes.

2.Refreshing tea

Materials: 5 Red dates, some American ginseng

Method: Put red dates into 350g boiling water, slow fire to cook 3 minutes. Put red dates water and American ginseng slice into a cup, cover the lid to wait for 10 minutes.

Office making method: Put all the materials into the thermos flask, pour 350g boiling water into it, cover the lid to wait for 20 minutes.

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