Hinoman Has Been Granted GRAS of Vegetable Whole-protein Ingredient

Author:admin Category:News Date:08-13-2015 

The Israel company Hinoman has been granted GRAS(Generally Recognized as Safe) for their new released Mankai, a vegetable whole-protein ingredient with very high nutritional value.

Based on scientific research and history of this vegetable widely used in the Asia-pacific region, this certification is for the new components used in functional food and drinks. At present, Mankai has been granted the recognition by the third party specified toxicologist team in the USA, clearly show that the performance of this new ingredient is excellent in food safety and purity test.

The nutritional value of Mankai is very high, for instance, the protein in Mankai is between 45% and 48%, fat is 7% to 8% and carbohydrate content is 24% to 25%. The amino acid composition analysis shows that it is also the rich source of essential amino acid.

Udi Alroy, the vice president of marketing and business development in Hinoman said, this GRAS approval is a very important step for Hinoman becoming the key protein supplier in  USA market. It is reported by media, their company’s proprietary cultivation platform can ensure the new ingredient supply sustainably and reliably for the large-scale growth and consumption. This new released protein adopts hydroponic cultivation technology, can optimize the production throughout the year. This platform     is remote management and control, can guarantee the purity of plant. Thus, product would not be polluted by pesticide and heavy metals, to make sure the high nutritional value.

Ron Salpeter, the CEO of Hinoman said, company’s proprietary technology enables strict standard of food safety and security, and both of them are vital to make sure a sustainable and reliable supply. The system solved the problem of agriculture and nutrition needs with simplicity and sustainability in the future, and provide a comprehensive food solution for plant-derived whole-protein.

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