3.6-ton Sea Buckthorn Juice Power Delivered

Good news came again. On April 13, Pincredit team timely delivered a a 3.6-ton Order of sea buckthorn juice power to South Korea. The newly produced sea buckthorn juice power was in authentic orange. When getting close, the rich smell of sea buckthorn emitted.

Compared with the general sea buckthorn juice power, Pincredit sea buckthorn juice power is in pure orange for natural product needs of customers.

As the best raw material of sea buckthorn drinking, general sea buckthorn juice power is made from sea buckthorn fruit. It is a loose fine power in yellow or orange with seabuckthorn fruit inherent aroma and taste and no off-flavor. sea buckthorn juice power is easy in storage, delivery and use. It is rich in nutrients, only one gram of sea buckthorn juice power can reach seabuckthorn acid content of 100 mg. Therefore, it is widely used in various types of foods, strengthening the nutritional function of trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and natual fruit acid etc. After long-term absorption of sea buckthorn juice power the effects of conditioning intestines and stomach, physical fitness improvement, beauty, as well as the treatment of some chronic diseases will be achieved.

The taste and nutrients of sea buckthorn juice are maintained in the production of sea buckthorn juice power. Adding water, it can be easily dissolved, the sea buckthorn juice will be restored for the processing of solid drink use. Mixing evenly the sea buckthorn juice power with a certain ratio of sweeteners, the instant Tang drink will be integrated. The unique fruit sour taste of sea buckthorn juice power helps it become the food additives of cookies and bread.

The production process of sea buckthorn juice power is as follows:

Seabuckthorn fruit powder process