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In order to provide customers with high quality and reliable products, Pincredit set up a product extraction laboratory and introduced a complete set of production equipment. We strictly control the whole process, including raw material selection, extraction, concentration, drying, and crushing etc to effectively separate the active ingredients of product, ensuring every step could be real time monitored and every batch of product could be elaborately produced.

In the unbearably hot summer, Pincredit laboratory staffs still overcome the high temperature to process the new product Paris polyphylla Extract 10:1 for a customer. We selected 10 kg of high quality paris polyphylla, put the raw material into pot and add 90 degree ethanol (40L, 30L, and 30 L respectively) to extract for 3 times, 3 hours for every time, concentrate the extracting solution and dry it, finally crush it into powder. Currently, the product is being processed. It is predicted that the complete product process will take 2 days and will be timely delivered to customers.

Although the process is never easy, we are happy to make every customer feel the carefulness, enthusiasm, and devoutness in our products. We will also launch more new products, look forward to another surprise. Our product quality and services are not the best but will be better. Your need is our pursuit, so send the demand instantly, we will customize your required specified products.

paris polyphylla

Raw Material  paris polyphylla

Process equipment

Process equipment of Pincredit Laboratory