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1.Extraction method and application of Gynostemma

Extraction method

Soak in 10 times amount of 75% thyl alcohol for 12 hours, adopt ultrasonic extraction for three times and 80 minutes each time.

Research and application

Chinese medicine believes that Gynostemma, bitter in flavor and cold in property, has the effects of clearing heat and removing toxicity, nourishing vitality, relieving cough, and eliminating phlegm. The modern pharmacological studies show that Gynostemma is helpful for reducing blood fat, lowering blood pressure, increasing coronary and cerebral blood flow, anti-aging, keeping robust, enhancing immunity, liver protection, sedative analgesic, and anti-ulter etc and is significantly effective in the treatment of many diseases, such as the prevention and cure of atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, chronic hepatitis, chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic cholecystitis, ulcer disease, and bronchitis etc.

Dry Gynostemma as herb

In addition, Gynostemma is effective in anti-inflammatory role of detoxification, cough suppressant and expectorant. It is clinically used mainly for chronic bronchitis. It is also has campatibility with other traditional Chinese medicine with wide applications of hypolipidemic,immune enhancement and anti-cancer, and anti-aging etc. The current studied and developed Gynostemma prescription formulations mainly include the following formulations: tablets, granules, mixture, oral liquid, capsules, injections and so on.

As many Chinese people have a long-term habit of drinking Gynostemma tea, many factories in China are in the production of Gynostemma health drinks and the enterprises of extracting gypenosides are in small amount, while in recent year, the new drugs for lowering blood fact and curing cardiovascular diseases have been successfully developed.

2.Selection and drinking methods of Gynostemma

The selection of Gynostemma

The rhizome and whole herb of Gynostemma are used as the medicine, bitter in flavor and cold in property, with the functions of anti-inflammatory role of detoxification, cough suppressant and expectorant, lowering blood fat and cholesterol, anti-aging, strengthening spleen, anti-arteriosclerosis, and the treatment of young in white hair, chronic bronchitis, and gastric ulcer etc. The foods using Gynostemma as a additive is a new green food for nutrient nourishing, health and physical, disease prevention and treatment.

China is rich in resources of Gynostemma. It is reported that about 11 species of plants are easy to be confused with Gynostemma, including 7 type of Cucurbitaceae plants, especially Japanese Cayratia Herb. So when buying Gynostemma, you should seriously identify the authenticity.

When buying, you should see more and compare more, especially for the active ingredients. See if it has the specific data indicators. Secondly, wild Gynostemma is not better than artificial cultivation ones, you should attention to that. According to the data of research, different species of Gynostemma in various growing environment from different positions have different saponin level. The saponin content of Gynostemma in introduction and cultivation is higher than that of Gynostemma in wild herb and Ginsenoside content and amino acid content of Gynostemma in introduction and cultivation is higher than that of Gynostemma in wild herb. Because the purpose of artificial development is for improving the active ingredients of Gynostemma to better benefit human health.

The drinking method of Gynostemma:

1)The water is boiled. The saponin contained in Gynostemma is high in melting point which is dissolved at temperature of 80 degree centigrade.

2)Do not discard the first tea. The Gynostemma is different from traditional tea. The first tea kept bubbling up, and the bubbles are saponin. The total amount of saponin contained in Gynostemma is 4 times over that contained in ginseng. The saponin has not only the role of ginseng but also has another effect, clearing heat and removing toxicity with out the side effect of over use. So if you discard the first cup of tea, it is a super waste. And the saponins has been a monopoly of businessmen in Hangzhou.

3)Try to soak the active ingredients of Gynostemma tea. The authors of Japan and Japan have done a lot of researches on the chemical composition and structure of Gynostemma pentaphyllum. The studies show that in addition to Gypenoside, Gynostemma also contains active ingredients like flavonoids, polysaccharides, phospholipids, amino acids, vitamins, constants and and trace inorganic elements etc. So a bag of tea is best to drink for one day so as to fully release the active ingredients in Gynostemma.