Grape Seed Extract Can Help You Lose Weight & Remove Wrinkles

Author:admin Category:News Date:07-21-2015 
A new study showed that grape seed extract may help lower blood sugar or glucose and serum lipids in patients with diabetes mellitus. Those patients who do not take anti-diabetic medications and follow a modified diet cannot deal with glucose normally, leading to hyperglycemia or high blood sugar.The research states that the grape seed extract can help reduce risk of prostate cancer fight infection and improve blood sugar levels, slow down the process of aging and strengthen blood vessels. It has proanthocyanidins the best free radical fighter on the planet.

Grape seed extract is sold commercially, but grapeseed oil also contains some of the same substances found in the extract. Now grape seed oil from muscadine grapes has been found that can improve your health and weight loss efforts. This oil is high in Vitamin E and can reduce obesity. Also it helps to mitigate the formation of new fat cells due to the production of tocotrienol.

Prior to the study, scientists believed that consuming red palm or rice bran oil contained the highest concentration of tocotrienol. With the new findings however, muscadine grape see oil would be considered a superior source of tocotrienol and could be used to help curb obesity rates. So is that an exciting new for you?

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