Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Can Cure Obesity

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A recent study from TaiWan Chang-Gung University shows, ganoderma lucidum extract has been used for over 2000 years by traditional Chinese medicine, can prevent weight gain in mice, reverse inflammation and metabolic disorders of overweight mice caused by obesity.

Ganoderma lucidum has been seen as nourishing and strong Chinese herbal medicine. New study found that ganoderma lucidum can change the unhealthy gut bacteria in intestinal tract to obese mice (obesity caused by a high-fat diet) , to prevent weight gain. The study is published in the Nature Communications journal, the results of ganoderma lucidum provides further indication for old reputation of longevity and digestion. But the study also suggests that gut bacteria seem to plays a powerful role for obesity and related disease.

For first generated the obesity or intestinal flora imbalance, that scientists are still not sure, but the researchers believe that probiotics and food or supplements, can prompt intestinal bacteria growth, may help to prevent excessive diet on the health effects. This latest study further confirmed that a relatively new theory, the insulin resistance and high level of systemic inflammation in obese are more common, part of factor are caused by decay of intestinal flora. These beneficial bacteria seems as an army to protect the porous border guards, can prevent from other intestinal bacteria producing toxins seepage through the intestinal wall. In two months, mice fed a high-fat diet with daily dose of ganoderma extract, still keep strong and low levels of inflammation in the blood; Obese mice without adding ganoderma lucidum extract, lead to insulin resistance and high levels of inflammation.

The researchers also indicates that, ganoderma extract can protect mice intestinal flora. By a group survey in mice, they found that compared with obese mice, mice with adding ganoderma extract have a richer bacteroides species and less thick flora, this is a peculiar intestinal flora composition in normal mice. When they transferred the feces of ganoderma lucidum extract added mice to no added obese mice, the obese mice microbial population has been changed.

Although this new discovery is very promising, but ganoderma extract is insufficient to be as a treatment for obesity. Animal experiment is the first step to display their therapeutic potential, however, compared with overfeeding mice in laboratory, human obesity is more complex, thus, how much dose of ganoderma lucidum extract can be used safely and effectively, it is not sure.

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