FMC Announced Its First Biofungicide Regalia Maxx in Brazil

Author:admin Category:News Date:05-22-2015 

It is reported that FMC has announced the launch of its first Biofungicide Regalia Maxx in Brazil, which is based on Reynoutria sachalinensis extract, and it is widely used in other countries to control a big range of diseases in different relevant crops. They said that the solution is to make a prevention control of the Early Blight (Alternaria Solani) on tomato and potato crops in Brazil.

Regalia Maxx is the first fungicide based on plant extract, and it is also the first biopesticide with Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR), a complex mode of action which creates a defense response in the treated plants and stimulates additional biochemical pathways that strengthen the plant structure and act against the pathogen.

The research and development coordinator of biological products at FMC, Giuliano Pauli, highlighted the importance of tomatoes, mentioning the surface of 39,000 hectares during the 2013/2014 season, and explained the benefits of the new solution. He said, “We need to increase productivity and control diseases efficiently at the same time without increasing the application of chemical products. With this proposal, we will expand our portfolio with Regalia Maxx, which acts inducting a system resistance, intensifying the production of natural fungicides though the plant’s metabolism.”

Regalia Maxx was developed by Marrone Bio Innovations(MBI) – an USA company, and get the registration about tomatoes, potatoes and dried beans from Brazil in last December. FMC is working with MBI to expand the label to include a broader array of crops and diseases, for instance, citrus and row crops.

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