Flax Seed Supplements Can Remarkably Lower Blood Pressure

Author:admin Category:News Date:08-13-2015 

It is reported, 15 analysis of clinical trials show that flax seed supplements can effectively lower blood pressure. According to the feedback data from 1302 participants, flax seed supplements have something related to systolic pressure and diastolic pressure dropped significantly. The researchers believes, this result is very valuable to manage high blood pressure by health care product, cardiac outcome measurement reduced 3.3/1.4 mmHg can depress 22% cardiovascular mortality. Researchers also said, continuously taking  flax seed supplements more than 12 weeks can even lower systolic 3.10 mmHg, lower diastolic blood pressure 2.62 mmHg.

Researchers said it is unclear what the potential mechanism of biological activity, but can be combined with the content of flax seed lignans. Especially a named SDG lignan, it is ACE inhibitor(kind of angiotensin converting enzyme). Through inhibiting angiotensin I, ACE can be converted into a powerful vasoconstrictor angiotensin Ⅱto increase blood flow, and improve blood pressure.

The ALA in flax seeds has an effect on blood pressure by reducing the activity of soluble epoxide hydrolase. Generated proinflammatory oxygen by epoxide hydrolase has been shown to reduce vasodilatation of arterial hypertension and development of inflammation. The protein with rich arginine(KCI-F1) in flax seed can also affect blood pressure. Therefore, the reason why flax seed can improve blood pressure possibly is the synergy of powerful antioxidants, for example, the different biological active ingredients lignans, SDG, ALA, KCI-F1 .

Researchers analyzed 15 test data in 19 treatment groups. The blood pressure-lowering effect of flax seed supplements is related to time, and the effect of different types are also different. And the researchers also said that before the final conclusion, they still need to use the ideal quality flax seeds do at least 12 weeks of trials in patients with hypertension.

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