Fibre from Food Waste Has Another Usage

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Now, FiberStar and Florida Food Products company both provide a clean and green fiber ingredients that made from produce biomass that can thicken, process moisture, improve the stability of product, and replace eggs, oil and improve the margins.

Last year, FiberStar released a Citri-Fi 125, which is the cleaner, more advanced version of fiber ingredient than before. The quondam version added guar gum and xanthan gum, but the new released has been extracted totally from citrus fiber from biomass.

The Fibercolloids released by Florida Food Products company in two years ago, also made from biomass but not limited to citrus. Now celery is also one of raw material, and can be extracted from any vegetables and fruits. Fibercolloids is the new phrase produced by this company, is used to describe the fiber that have hydrocolloid functionlities, for instance, the ability to create thermally stable, irreversible gels and emulsify.

In addition, both of these two fiber ingredients are helpful to manufacturers cleaning up their labels, and consumers are very familiar with these two fibers and consider it natural. As a contrast, traditional name of hydrocolloid has very strong chemical feeling that can confuse consumers, make some consumers who want to buy this product to keep away from it. However, due to both of two new ingredients haven’t e-numbers, so they are all encountered a problem in European market.

Both of them are non-GMO, and Kosher/Parve and Halal and is gluten-free, all of which are trendy certifications. Moreover, in addition to offering natural clean product, both of them offer manufacturers cost-saving without impacting quality. Citri-Fi 125 can absorb the water to 21 times of its weight, can increase the production, and prolong the shelf-life.  Both of two ingredients can replace part of expensive eggs and oils in finished products, as well as the pectin that is in short supply currently.

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