Driv Introduced an Energy Product for Athletes

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Driv introduced a new product from Fanda laboratory can help athletes perform well, accelerate recovery, to keep the brain awake, and reduce the water yield of the oral cavity and skin. Although the product has the effect of dehydration, but no caffeine.

Driv can provide 2 grams dose of RNA and high quality natural ingredients. Clinical trials demonstrate that 5-carbon sugar is the source of adenine nucleoside (ATP), and ATP is the source of all cells energy. Driv can help to supplement electrolyte due to magnesium, potassium and sodium reduced by excessive sweating. These minerals can maintain hydration level, help regulating the acidity of the blood and provide support for regulating muscle and nerve function.

This new product mainly includes the following several: anti-fatigue, health care, to accelerate the physical energy recovery; Promote energy conversion, improve tolerance, reduce pain and extrusion of muscle, to keep the brain awake; Promote the hydration level and key elements intake, reduce water discharge of oral cavity and skin.

The co-founder of Fanda laboratory said when we set a limit for themselves, whether in training, competition, or just the pursuit of a healthy way of life, all these activities can consumes our RNA, creatine and electrolytes in the body. Driv start the body’s energy synthesis process, so that we can replenish the RNA, creatine and electrolytes that lost in movement, and actually when muscle pain eased, our performance will be surely better.

The new product is very popular in all kinds of sports nutrition, dietary supplements and functional food and beverage, it has the synergistic effect with other functional ingredients and can maximize the benefits for us.

P.S. Here’s the description of Driv new product.

Only 5 Calories

Reduces fatigue

Improves physical performance

Speeds energy recovery

Increases energy reserves and improves endurance

Supports heart health


Improved energy

Decreased brain fog

Reduced symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyagia

Increased hydration

Increased ability to absorb critical nutrients

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