Dried Shiitake Extract Powder Can Replace Chicken Essence

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Chicken Essence is the well-known condiment for us, but few people know about its harm. Too much intake of chicken essence is unhealthful, now a new seasoning can replace it – Dried Shiitake extract powder.

Stunt fetus growth
American scientists who did the experiment in animal body, found that if rabbit continually taking 25mg MSG in 1 kilogram food, it will be prone to miscarriage after getting pregnant, the child also may be deformity or growth retarded. And if the rabbit didn’t take MSG, it wouldn’t be abnormal.

Destroy gene
Through the experiment we found that if the mother mouse eat chicken essence every day, so children will be born of the endocrine disorders, and those children would have some symptoms such as weight loss, testicular or ovarian necrosis. Chicken essence can reduce the weight of adrenal and thyroid, this leads to reduce the growth hormone and luteinizing hormone secreted by pituitary gland, seriously influenced reproductive capacity of the next generation.

Aggravate allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma
Traditional Chinese Medicine found that many allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma patients recovered from illness without medical help after stop taking chicken essence.

Lead to obesity
Scientists in the United States have injected monosodium glutamate in newborn mice, after grow up these mice appeared obesity. Due to weight of epididymal fat pad increased, leads to the cell volume increased in the body. Experts believe that obesity caused by eating chicken essence , because chicken essence will change cell’s response to the adrenaline and insulin, increase the lipid composition in the body.

Cause permanent brain damage
Scientists found that after eating chicken essence, mouse nerve cells necroses gradually, and the proportion of necrosis is proportional to the amount of eating chicken essence. They also found, if together taking chicken essence and saccharin, then the possibility of brain damage will double.

Destroy the retina, affect vision
Through animal experiments we found that if you give mice injected with monosodium glutamate, mouse retina will blunt due to poison. If the injection of chicken essence, then in the retina nerve dendritic would be protuberant, then nerve cells necroses gradually.

Lead to high blood pressure
Chicken essence contains about 30% of sodium ions, makes body to absorb too much sodium ions. MSG will cause nervous, slow the heart movement, increase contraction of the heart. In other words, eating too much monosodium glutamate is easy to cause heart arrest.

Dried Shiitake mushroom powder is the best choice. Dried mushrooms contain a large number of glutamic acid and aspartic acid, these two amino acids has strong freshness taste, and it is combined in the form of protein in the mushroom, so won’t harm to human health. Meanwhile, dried mushroom powder also contains a variety of other essential amino acids, which is rich in nutrition!

Cooking with dried Shiitake mushroom powder will have a very good effect of freshening, but its freshness is less than monosodium glutamate and chicken essence, so you can add more when cooking. The only thing should be suggested is to store in a moistureproof place. For the sake of your family’s health, try to reduce using chicken essence.

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