DIY Matcha Dessert at Home

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In this hot summer, DIY several kinds of matcha desserts may be a good experience. Let’s learn how to made matcha dessert by ourselves at home.

Recipe 1: Matcha coconut ice cream

Whole coconut milk  1 bottle
Matcha powder    15-30g
Sugar            100g
Maple syrup     30ml
Vanillin          Several drops
Lemon juice      Few
Vodka           15ml
Salt              2g

1. Make sure whole coconut milk freeze more than 12 hours, 24 hours is the best.
2. Use eggbeater to mix all the materials, and store in a cold-tolerant container.
3. Put it into refrigerator for 1~2 hours.

Matcha coconut ice cream

Recipe 2: Matcha white hot chocolate

White chocolate pieces   60g
Almond milk(Sugar-free)   450ml
Matcha powder           10g
Hot water                240ml

1. Heat the white chocolate to melt, add half of almond milk, mixed well and add the rest.
2. Sieve the matcha powder, add hot water and mix them to blistering.
3. Put the prepared matcha soup into Step1.

Matcha white hot chocolate

Recipe 3: Matcha mint iced tea

Distilled water     450ml
Matcha powder      10g
Ice chips          450g
Bigarade            1
Mint              a little bit
Honey or sugar (optional)   a moderate amount

1. Using a shaker (sealed cans is also OK) to shake up water and matcha powder.
2. Add ice chips, bigarade juice, mint and honey(sugar).

Matcha mint iced tea

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