Guide to Distinguish Black Chinese Wolfberry from Red Chinese Wolfberry

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There’s record from Compendium of Materia Medica, black Chinese wolfberry has very high health value, long-term consumption of black Chinese wolfberry can not only make you beautiful, but also to keep young and resist cold and hot”, so the black Chinese wolfberry often to be as nourishing conditioner and anti-aging medicine, thus it is best for female friends.

It is reported by a scientific research, vitamin contents in black Chinese wolfberry is much higher than red wolfberry’s. The iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper content in black wolfberry is much higher than those average content in red wolfberry, and the content of potassium, manganese is far below red’s average, sodium content is almost same to its. Black Chinese wolfberry is high quality natural supplement of cobalt and nickel. In recent years, people in China advocate the black food gradually.

1.Prevent cancer
Anthocyanins in Black Chinese wolfberry can scavenge free radicals, may inhibit cancer cells spread smoothly, protect more healthy cells from cancerous cells. Like pathogenic mechanism of breast cancer, so taking anthocyanins can have good inhibitory effect to the development of breast cancer.

2.Improve eyesight
Clinical reports shows the anthocyanin in blueberry can promote Rhodopsin of retinal cells regenerate, can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, and can improve eyesight. Flower pigment can improve the vision in the dim light; The drivers for the night, a person who spends a lot of time looking at the screen and so on all have help.

3.Enrich the blood, soothe the nerves and improve sleep quality
It can prevent wrinkles generated early, and it is the most effective antioxidant in nature till now. Moreover, it can supplement nutrition and eliminates harmful free radicals in body. Anthocyanin is natural sunshine cover, can protect skin from ultraviolet radiation.

4.Produce saliva and slake thirst, improve circulation
Anthocyanin can improve blood circulation, restore lost capillary, strengthen weak blood vessels, to make blood vessels more bouncy. Procyanidine is referred to as the toxicide to atherosclerosis. For vein function uncompleted, procyanidine can effectively ease pain, dropsy, night cramp etc., so European doctors usually suggests patients with varicose veins to eat blueberry because it contains rich anthocyanin.

5.Oral skin cosmetic
Anthocyanin is referred to oral skin cosmetic in Europe, it can prevent wrinkles generated early, and protect skin from UV ray. If used anthocyanin to protect skin, approximately 85% skin cells would be survive.
Black Chinese wolfberry is rich in protein, lycium barbarum polysaccharide, vitamins, trace elements and natural anthocyanin(Not contained in red wolfberry), is the natural wild plant with highest anthocyanin content. Overall, the function, usage and dosage of black wolfberry is similar to red wolfberry’s, but its antioxidation and anti-aging effect is better than red’s.

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